Galvanize Coatings

Aervoe is the leader in the industry for corrosion prevention because we only use quality ingredients and insist on a consistent manufacturing processe.

The Crown brand is the benchmark for zinc corrosion protection in the oil/gas and utility industries, construction trades, and metalworking.

Meets multiple MIL, DOD, and ASTM specs.

Crown Galvanizing Coatings

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Galvanize Products
Aervoe Spray Adhesives

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Spray Adhesives

Aervoe adhesives deliver superior performance without the high price of the competition. Let our dependable adhesives do the heavy work. Choose the right adhesive for the job.

California VOC-compliant.


What type of lubricant is needed? Wet, dry, grease, grease-free, food grade? Aervoe & Crown brands probably have the one you need. All are application-driven and many have a bulk form available.


Cleaners & Degreasers

From glass to circuit boards and solvent-based, biodegradable, and even hefty towels with plenty of “juice” to get the job done.

Cleaners and Degreasers
Cleaners and degreasers